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Smb Not Working Windows 7


Feel free to comment if this is an issue and/or it doesn't work. In any case, doing this fixed the problem because now it's set in stone as to using LM and NTLM instead of v2. Not the answer you're looking for? You can turn it on if you want, but it is not why we are here, so I'm going to leave it off for now. his comment is here

hello thanx for the reply. Thanks in advance. http://www.google.com/search?q=Tanner+Williamson P. Also, Port 445 is a commonly used port for Samba (SMB) service with Windows Networking. http://www.tannerwilliamson.com/windows-7-seven-network-file-sharing-fix-samba-smb/394/

Enable Smb Windows 7

What I did was logged in as SERVERNAME\Username and it worked.Look in the file /private/var/log/krb5kdc/kdc.log to get some clues as to what name it might be looking for in your particular So far my Win 7 experience has been good, however, this is very frustrating. For me the shared folder was LAN_DISK, although the underscore was not displaying - I found it by trying to Rename the folder and I could then see the underscore. Device based (ie Cisco VPN Router), or Software based (ie Cisco VPN client, Hamachi.

You can turn it on if you want, but it is not why we are here, so I'm going to leave it off for now. Problem solved! find quote Rrrr Senior Member Posts: 107 Joined: Mar 2004 Reputation: 0 2010-01-03 23:14 Post: #11 SiNJiN Wrote:Is this in Addition to the OP's instructions? Connect To Smb Server Windows 7 Network Discovery: turn on network discovery File and printer sharing: turn on Public folder sharing: Your choice.

You may be prompted for a username and password, this is your Windows logon details. Disable Smb Windows 7 Introducing new players to a party When using a magic item to cast a spell, is it obvious that it's the source of the spell? Peter H. check this link right here now It seemed easier than arguing. 5 Click Save changes.

I did get on to a share on the OS volume from Linux, but unable to access data - Error indicates unsupported feature.This is a major bug in Lion, and I Network Sharing Problem In Windows 7 Vaidas Hi. Rob Moseley Thanks so much for this valuable fix. Restart your PC and try the connection again… Once I completed this I was able to login to a share using DOMAIN\Username Password Tony Windows 7 Ultimate, connecting to Thecus N4100PRO.

Disable Smb Windows 7

You have to turn off Homegroup and do all sorts of other messy things. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/75-63-windows-samba-issue I can get from XP to Vista printer okay but I cannot get anything from Vista to XP without it asking for a password. Enable Smb Windows 7 Download from the printer manufacturers website, all operating system specific versions of the drivers for that printer. Setup Smb Windows 7 Cheers cyber7 (aka Aubrey) Is this in Addition to the OP's instructions?

Some of the servers are 2003 others 2008. this content Why isn't it working anymore? Well, like I said I never had the issue of being prompted for a user/pass with my windows settings(...my problem was that my smb sharing on my xbox through xbmc was Post: #2 On your WINDOWS 7 machine's services (Where your shares are): Turn on 1. Windows 7 Smb Version

If possible, install the printer to a computer using Windows 7, (or Vista if you don't yet have Windows 7), and then go to the configuration properties of the printer under I, personally, am connected using a LAN cable and have been provided an IP address by my router using DHCP. The software is commercial but there is a demo version at least. weblink It appears once as SMB:/HTPC-Main/Media and once as C:\Media.

Newegg sells a full blown OEM license to Windows 7 Ultimate Edition for $175, so I hope that you're paying $140 to upgrade was an upgrade from XP, and that you Check Smb Version Windows 7 After changing these settings, you should be able to access any SMB server, assuming that you've properly configured the server itself to allow you to connect to it. I can gain access to the box by simply typing ‘net use g: \\fnd\public'.

Terri This solved a huge problem with my new laptop users running Microsoft Windows 7 and trying to connect to shared folders on both an NT Server and a Windows 2000

Step eight: Once "Everyone" has been added to the list, you have two choices. Heiznamiv the problem is the drive C and D inside you can access another drivers but when you  open they show you  no permission  Paul Wansink Great Job! Most of these will probably already be configured correctly, but I'll tell you how they should be configured, nonetheless. Windows 7 File Sharing Not Working From your Control Panel, select Credential manager.

The uninstall of the Windows Live Sign In Assistant was the most popular fix for your problem, some people I think even installed it then uninstalled it to fix their problem Right now it is not accessible from the 2003 servers but the 2008 can connect. James I've now gotten Windows 7 Home Premium to work and thought I'd share the solution. check over here Apple will update from a Lion client.

I may have found a solution, but it will require testing. Go into your shared printer properties 3. Evidently, XP doesn't like sharing with Window's PC's when it's local date is running over a month behind. http://forum.xbmc.org/showpost.php?p=461741&postcount=2 This is the link to the entire thread about that solution http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=64522 Dude ....

But… What I do not understand is that the Win 7 Premium on my EEE-PC did not have any problems like this. I own an Archos 705 and used to connect it to shares under Microsoft Windows XP. Previously: Trying to access a mapped drive (that could not be connected to after reboot) made my system go into a loop What worked was a link in the "favorites", but Open registry editor ( Start search - regedit) 2 .

Post Revisions 2009-10-01:Changed the recommended configuration option for setting authentication level of the LAN manager from "Send LM and NTLM responses." to "Send LM and NTLM. - Use NTLMv2 session security Hopefully I understand you correctly. At random times the shared folder they copy files to is not accessible. However, Microsoft is making it more and more difficult to share using SMB in Windows.

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