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Sky Emails Not Working


Have been moved over to the new android version for yahoo (after googling to find why my mail looked different!), but nt all images lad. Complain here Sky help team here Official Facebook page Sky support via website Sky service status here Sky Help Team Tweets @mollyallen44 Hi Molly, work is still ongoing to restore service. We're aware and are working to fix asap." More discussion can be found on BT's community forum. and we triple dog dare you to try that to @tinxkeu 93haneulina: yahoocare: notpeterandre we recommend using the yahoo mail app or your browser until we can determine the cause of http://vidivit.com/sky-email/sky-emails-not-working-iphone.html

I have deleted and recreated the account and that didn't fix it, so it would appear to be something in the session setup and synchronisation that is upsetting the iOS email It keeps coming up password incorrect. Michael Hall I've been getting the mailbox initialization failure message all day on most of my accounts. finding a day when there isn't an issue is like finding a unicorn @mingyoec : torkefan i am sorry to hear you are having issues trying to get through. https://www.sky.com/help/articles/problems-viewing-sky-yahoo-mail

Sky Yahoo Mail Login

dalian I can't find emails I sent on my Yahoo account when I search them. If I login the server is checked though. please advise asap trevor shields 24-03-2015 15:21 +12 Hi all of a sudden my phone has stopped accessing my email and keeps telling the incoming server isn't responding. I press the the down arrow for the next email, which shows up (and original email has been deleted.) David Smith last 4 days I have been receiving a lot of

Reset your web browser settings to default and fix the problem.Google ChromeOpen your web browser and select Customize and control Google Chrome.Select Settings from the menu.Scroll down to the bottom of I thought it was my phone but when it didn't work on my desktop, I suspected it was Yahoo mail itself. recommendations for help? Sky Email Problems Contact Number Advertising revenues will decline as well as the number of subscribers declines.

I request a verification email to Gmail which I get OK, enter it, enter password, it tells me what my ‘new' email address is, says click Get Started - NOTHING HAPPENS. Sky Yahoo Email Settings So i am guessing it is a fault my end. Assumed it was iPhone ( 6 ) so spent more than an hour deleting then adding account, resetting networks, resetting all etc. I hope something can be done about it.

http://www.hitbox.tv/bONS1 Bons Twitch eXACTLY tHE sAME tHING hERE.. Sky.mail.yahoo.com Email Dave Oz Same here (a month later). trvlr Can't login to Messenger from Apple (Mac OSX - el capitan) messenger app… Just refuses password and goes back to password screen… Can login online to Yahoo mail etc.; but Yahoo does not inform users about service disruptions.

Sky Yahoo Email Settings

I use Firefox to access it and I am in the UK. more info here Ive been trying for an hour. Sky Yahoo Mail Login Kevin Ayscough 27-05-2016 15:13 +3 I keep getting the messsgevcannot get mail the username or password for sky is incorrevt on my ipad iphone snd samsung tab but i havent changed Sky Email Problems Forum Important: My Yahoo mail works on another computer.

it is an Indian scam and they are asking for serial numbers of the phone and iPad. Also the wired part is I am not able to access yahoo answers too. wORKED jUST fINE yESTERDAY Rakhee Log in fine but unable to access yahoo mail, blank page Sheena Can't log in to yahoo mail for couple of days now and some may x10sjr  Can't send emails from iphone but can receive... 66 47 Read more... Sky Email Account Problem

work-around= use yahoo mail app or browser to send @cozzas1 @yahoomail please can you advise when the issue with sending emails will be resolved? @ajc2205 @yahoocare is there a problem with walter baker 22-01-2016 17:19 +7 Using a different E-Mail address, due not being able to access sky account. Anxious as only email account, I've just started a Masters with Birmingham Uni and expecting correspondence. navigate here help @oluwa_iphy @yahoomail i'm having some issues with my yahoo account. @scribeteach when's the date when @yahoomail gives up and stops working for good?

Started happening at 18:00 UK time. Problems With Yahoo Mail Today My yahoo mail would not let me in on my i-phone - even with numerous attempts of entering password, deleting and adding my yahoo account, turning on and off my phone MG yahoo down in london Janet I am in Bournmouth and do not have any Yahoo services.

Have correct PW So I'm trying to sign in to my e-mail that I haven't been in for a long time.

Patricia McNary Mathews All of my inbox mail from 2016 diappeared yesterday and did not come back today. Grrrrrr! it seems entire mail site is down. Sky Email Help Shaqira Maren Call Free helpline +1800-585-2494 for Yahoo Now jacqueline sawyer I Have been trying to sign-in to my yahoo mail it keeps telling me the password is incorrect what can

susan Missing out on online surveys BT say they are aware of yahoo mail problems down in Dudley area. Yahoo truly sucks! jasneskis May 28, 29, 2016. Thanks Janet 28-04-2016 19:56 +4 ive entered all items correctly (i believe) but it keeps coming up cannot send outgoing email because email or password incorrect miriam manners 02-09-2016 11:32 +4

Error code 2, which I've not been able to find the meaning of. Have had a massive problem over the last two weeks with sending emails , they seem to go alright but dont seem to be saving to sent items and they hang they were from a dating site lol Lorenda Clarkson Yahoo Mail stopped working correctly on Nov. 6 - cannot receive emails but if I search for them, then they show up. Hope it gets ironed out soon.

But the issues today were no doubt due to the update. I am in France for 2 weeks so can't use computer & only have 3G. are you having issues on your side? infuriating.

Anxious as only email account, I've just started a Masters with Birmingham Uni and expecting correspondence. Triant At last, four days of getting emails without any glitches, i will bookmark this page for future references if something is wrong. Lesley Karen Luscombe And by the way, if you see ANYONE giving out so-called helpline numbers, don't ring them. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused." A progress update posted roughly three hours later said, "Engineers are continuing to work towards a resolution".

UK email sign-in page and then entering their full email address and password, as opposed to using Sky's own interface / system. is there a customer care number here? I have deleted the accounts and set them up again, but that hasn't changed anything. Enter the following information:Email server: pop.tools.sky.com if using POP3Email server: imap.tools.sky.com if using IMAPUsername: Your Sky Yahoo Mail addressPassword: Your Sky Yahoo Mail account passwordClick Continue or Finish to complete the

Lisa Weaks Phegley I live in Central Illinois.