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Lanette just needs to keep auditioning Carl for more one-shot gigs and work on her singing career experience, and she'll be booked steadily one day! How do you cancel the steady gigs? Logged Corylea Townie Posts: 146 Re: Do steady gigs work??? « Reply #1 on: March 14, 2012, 10:06:14 PM » I just got my second steady gig. Some of my best shows consisted of two songs, one of which was cut short by time constraints. http://vidivit.com/sims-3/showtime-crack-not-working.html

The only conclusion I have come is that Steady gigs aren't reliable, and it is best for your sanity and your Sims' career to just stick to auditioning and getting gigs You should already have a significant crowd handy, so if you set up soon enough you can snag them before they head out. Don't be afraid to let a song run a bit long while you mix it up. I love setting up the stage and watching them perform.

How To Get A Steady Gig In Sims 3 Showtime

Now even my first steady gig doesn't work right anymore. Beyond! Sims receive these skill opportunities when they form a band. ModTheSims, ModTheSims2 and MTS2 © 2004-2015.

Note: There is a nice quirk in Showtime, while performing for tips you get a LOT of friendship from all the Sims watching you. My sim already has quite a few steady gigs and i've tried everything to re-auditioning, but it still doesn't work :evil:. Unlocked Nintendo Voice Chat IGN Anime Club more shows Fireteam Chat IGN Unfiltered Prepare to Try Keepin' It Reel IGN Plays IGN Originals Every Thrs at 12pm PT / 3pm ET you have a husband and a wife? _________________Meanwhile at the Administrators' Lounge...Nobody's gril.Adwominfree societyWindows version : Windows 8Windows 7System architecture : 32 bits (x86)64 bits (x64)Favourite games : GTA Series, Cities:

Another option you have is to talk to the audience, only do this if your charisma is high otherwise you are just telling a boring story. Scheduling Gigs and Landing Steady GigsLevel two unlocks your first venue: the Big Park. TipsEdit It is good for Showtime career Sims to practice their acts with the available interactions before they audition to gain experience and one day see whether they will get accepted I tried all sorts of things, and along the way, my singer lost her stagelights and special moves (though she retained her career level).

Getting StartedYou can usually take on this profession by looking through the newspaper or on the computer to see if the Singer profession is offered that day, but if it's not I'm lost...ReplyFlag1023rd January 2014 3:17amRebecca says...Most likely, you will have to go into "Edit Town" and place the necessary town from Showtime yourself. I even catch myself singing right along them!!! Humble Beginnings, performing for tips Career Facts Recommended Traits Ambitious Charismatic Diva Natural Born Performer Social Butterfly Virtuoso Not recommended Traits Absent Minded Clumsy Coward Loser Work Location Gigs:

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While Singers will make a majority of their living off daily jobs and gigs, they also get a weekly stipend based on your career level. click for more info Once they arrive there, they can invite other band members from phone to gather up there. How To Get A Steady Gig In Sims 3 Showtime Log in Site Map >Community >Sims Discussion >Sims 3 >Sims 3 Help > EP6: Showtime - Showtime Can't Perform Steady Gig / Cancel Steady Gig Quick Reply Print version Search this That's all that matters, besides, doing more auditions = more chances of booking at venues iwth big money more regularly Kinda bad they never really tested this part of the game.

This really makes the singer career a bit easier in the beginning compared to the other performance careers, they can earn real money from the start and not just rely on navigate here Audience members will often throw things at your sim (produce of varying quality, newspapers, and I even had a Nice quality pizza thrown at me once), and will occasionally heckle you, You should try to set up your stage as early as possible (an hour and a half to two hours before your show starts) as this will start your show early. It's always best to let your performers finish on their own: it's impossible to go too long, and the Sim will always correctly close the show at the proper time.

For now, Lanette chooses the third option, "Use the Venue's Setup." It's usually better than nothing, literally: if she just tried to Create a Custom Setup, she'd have to perform on Have your Singer Sim perform each Sing-A-Gram 15 times Winner in the Park! Finally got rid of them by bulldozing the venues and the lots they were on. Check This Out A couple hundred at the most.Now...how many players are there?

But if your audition goes well, you'll have a Gig scheduled for the next day. They are forced upon you. Specific Singer - Badges and Achievements Badge Achievement Description Going for the Gold Have a Sim sell 25 Singer Albums Sing it Again, Sim Earn §20,000 in tips as a Singer

The stagelights reappeared when I used Master Controller to have her quit her job and then get it back up to level 10 again.

I guess not? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Don't have an account? I downloaded this house from thesimsresource.

Any suggestions? If this is how steady gigs are supposed to work, then color me unimpressed. I can't figure out where to audition for gigs here!Admin: Did you place the lots needed from Showtime?  If you didn't place them, I don't think any of them auto-placed into this contact form Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong?ReplyFlag012nd March 2014 3:21pmPoopy pans says...I'm on level 7 I thenk and my sim can't preform on the stage I designed for

SortNewestOldestLikesMelinda says...Actually, there's a thread on the boards that talks about other traits that give a bonus to performers. Great way to gain friends for the friendship requirement for the Charisma skill. The higher the score the bigger the chance of a steady gig, steady gigs pay much better than One-off gigs. I have a husband and wife, both level 10 and 9 singers.

It's little wonder that it's as unstable as it is.Even console games need patching these days. This allows you to go to your Gig location in the morning, and play for tips until you can set up your stage. will let you know if it keeps increasing.ReplyFlag0025th July 2013 2:39pmSpark says...I am on the 9th level with my singer, but I can't perform a show in the stadium/theater.