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Sims 3 Marriage Not Working


More so if one of the Sims has commitment issues. This relationship level is hit as soon as your Sim (or the other) successfully completes certain romantic interactions with another Sim. you can choose between a party wedding or private. Of course, interactions like this can be found under the special categories for traits even when you haven't set a tone. have a peek here

Just to clarify, the hours that the City Hall is open is 9AM to 5PM. How do I get married?ReplyFlag2118th February 2014 1:23amKiara says...Where can I find the wedding dress? See the Seasons guide and Spring.ReplyFlag3121st November 2012 5:24amSascha says...Hii guys,Ive got a question!!I have a married couple but when they married i found out that the guy had 2 other Posted: dec 13, 2009 1:13 pm Unregistered 0 0 Very easy For my sims i give them the hopeless romantic trait and it comes out much easier then the romantic option. http://www.gamefaqs.com/xbox360/995669-the-sims-3/answers/325057-at-wedding-sims-wont-get-married-help

Why Wont My Sims Get Married Sims 3

It goes away if you travel, or there might be a mod fix that I'm not aware of. 0 Sign In or Register to comment. It seems like it might be a bug because my sim also died and her dog brought her back to life. Register here. After Sims Break Up, they can Move out once more.

but sorry no vail hope this helpedReplyFlag2018th June 2014 12:57pmDirk says...ore u can just do this pus ctrl shift C at the same time and put in motherlode and pres enter TopPlatforms 3DS PlayStation 4 Android PlayStation Vita DS PSP Game Boy Advance Wii iOS Wii U PC Xbox 360 PlayStation 2 Xbox One PlayStation 3 More... There is always a solution. How To Get Married In Sims 3 Close this form Your answer: Title: Text: You answer contain links, please input secret code from picture. • Moshi Monsters cheats, Android • Plants vs.

Put up walls and trap her in a pool until she drowns. I tried a Wedding Party, but then I didn't have the Exchange Vows option. It helps to have the NoJealousy reward so your Sims get along, but it's not essential for this trick to work. other I had it once and moving the household to a new town fixed the bug.

and threw a Wedding Party. Sims 3 Marriage Cheat This isn't an expansion conflict (I have none). I had exactly the same problem, my sims wouldnt accept eachothers proposal , and then i figured it was becoz 1 of them had the 'brave' trait. If the SuperPatcher says you are already up to date, make it run anyway.

Sims 3 Propose Marriage

Adding Or Removing A Parent, Child Or Sibling Within A Household Slower Relationship Decay Setting Remove Long Term Relationship Required For Sharing A Bed Unlock Romantic Relations Between A Variety Of https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/854007/sims-cant-propose-marriage-glitch I've tried breaking them up and getting back together again, moving out, resetting the sim, using the clean slate thing, and nothing. Why Wont My Sims Get Married Sims 3 Posted: mar 29, 2012 8:42 pm Unregistered 0 0 Annoying!!!!!! Sims 3 Propose Marriage Not Showing Up I was devastated because he was such a perfect match to my sim.

is that because i upgrade my game or what?thank youReplyFlag2225th December 2012 2:39pmzoey says...some times it doesnt work because they dont WANT to get marrie, try the guy propossing if it navigate here Table of ContentsHow Do I Change The Relationship Status Of My Sims? Romantic Interests will have this symbolBuilding Romantic InterestThe first phase of romance in The Sims 3 is the Romantic Interest. Once they are both in place, use the Romantic Interactions and select Get Married. Sims 3 Wedding Arch

My sims are engaged and I tryed to get married 3 times they exchanged rings and everything but it still says they are not married!? The Sims and The Sims 3 Logo are trademarks of Electronic Arts, Inc. Help!!! http://vidivit.com/sims-3/sims-3-cd-key-not-working.html So, wedding party is in full swing, all the guests have arrived and are having a good time...

Also on GameFAQs...Help - Answers to the most commonly asked questions about GameFAQs.FAQ Bookmarks - Access and manage the bookmarks you have added to different guides.FAQ Bounty - Write a FAQ How To Get Married In Sims 3 Ps3 It's a little complicated, but it works. 1 geekgirl101 Posts: 304 Member December 2015 edited December 2015 I'm having major issues as of late in getting sims to propose in new Posted: mar 27, 2011 7:47 pm Unregistered 0 0 Ur answer U need to make sure they are both young adults and there relation bar is all the way up the

It takes a lot of patience.

I am living the same day over and over again.The first time they got married I noticed a stupid fish on wood hanging in the air right in front of the With My Marrige Okay do u have to be housemates on sims to get married ? Cheats » PC Cheats » The Sims 3 Cheats » The Sims 3 Q&A List Prev question | Next question Back to questions list Top cheats | View all Age Sims Why Won't My Sims Get Married Freeplay Don't panic!

Note: It has not been confirmed but has been reported that Wedding Arches may not work in Venues or Vacation Worlds. Posted: jan 24, 2011 8:28 pm Unregistered 0 0 I got mine married i got mine married by just waiting.i had them make out 24/7 and a bunch other kissiing and Normal business hours. this contact form Like compliment,holds hands and a few more.

Cause if so they will never get married lol Posted: feb 13, 2011 5:05 pm Unregistered 0 0 Ghost Confusion One: Your Sims don't have to be adults to get married In a weird way though...Moving them to another house didn't work. I totally understand how I could get them married very easily, but I was wanting it a little more traditional, where the female takes the male's name...and I ddon't like starting That is what I always do and it works out fine.

I created a male adult sim in CAS to be her partner, and moved him in with the family. But they can go steady. If a child or other family member witnesses the cheating, or even just flirting, there will be damage to the relationship and negative moodlets for betrayal. He'll know who took his girlfriend.

Posted: dec 26, 2011 3:58 pm Unregistered 0 0 HELP!! When they closed the old one down, they ported all of the messages and data over here and opened it all back up again, then added/expanded the TS4 sections. it takes a while but that option will eventually come Posted: feb 03, 2011 10:04 am Unregistered 0 0 married when i click get married they just start hugging and flirting. Close this form Your answer: Title: Text: You answer contain links, please input secret code from picture. • Moshi Monsters cheats, Android • Plants vs.

I could choose the option "marry" Yey!The weirdest thing was that after they were married I got a bunch of messages in a row on the top right of my screen Make them talk, play, be romantic, watch tv together, etc. If a Sim in your household is engaged, everyone in the household will automatically have this option. Gaze into their eyes, embrace them, and whisper in their ear.

Can anyone help? My game is patched up through the current patch, and it was before I started playing, so the inability to propose marriage is something that came up long after patching, and Posted: may 14, 2011 7:08 pm Unregistered 0 0 not working ive tried all kinds of things i got some cheats and did it do u think that might be the PLEASEEEE HELPP!!!