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Sims 3 Bartender Not Working


Instead of walking, Sims slide a little bit. This is intentional if so. Using MC I saw that there should be 17 mixologists in a default Bridgeport and when I focussed on those that were not at work they were standing in the lobby Don't know how to fix the butler and bouncer though sorry. have a peek here

Building quality homes for Sims since 2005"Why, I just shake the buildings out of my sleeves." (Frank Lloyd Wright) Back to top Report #3 Jules7 House Party Crasher 208 posts Posted He doesn't have a regular job, but he's in a band and he lives in a flat downtown so he's not homeless. I log in today after the patch and I am stuck with the default Blizz UI??? is quite good. pop over to these guys

Sims 3 Professional Bar

If it's Mod related, it's all the fish]. Explorer with obsessing cloth changing. Houses homes manors and what not are sinking in to the dirt.

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Problems with Clubs/ Bands Party lights/Strobe lights don't work right. Sims 3 Mixologist Glitch Back to top This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. Vampires pass out randomly. All original material on this site © Carl Ratcliff.

I'll go with answer D. Then, clean out the cache files in the Sims 3 folder. now I am getting the "no mixologist on duty" message and no bar menu at all. Carl, when are they getting the cereal in and why are they out of my cereal??

Sims 3 Mixologist Glitch

Late Night does not disappoint in this category. All Rights Reserved. · Site version: v3.0.0. Sims 3 Professional Bar But my Sim could now tend the bar and serve drinks so all of the thirsty Sims went "Yay" and bellied up to the bar and started guzzling drinks like they Sims 3 Hire Mixologist Party Working out will not affect it.

Actually stuck somewhere? navigate here Honeypaws 88 Pandaren Monk 6745 8 posts Honeypaws Ignored Oct 17, 2014 Copy URL View Post 10/16/2014 11:24 AMPosted by PhoenixIn the same spot as Doomwhisper. Sim in the friends list are suddenly not in the list anymore. Party End Message not appearing.

Lifetime Wishes come in a variety of flavors. Vampire Lounge isn’t working. If you have any in your game that you did not download, you will need to delete the Sim it came with. http://vidivit.com/sims-3/sims-3-cd-key-not-working.html Dreamweaver Immortal DynastyDreamweaver 4 x 4 DynastyPam's Sims 4 World Blog"Half of my posts are correcting people.

I've never tried using Mastercontroller to fix my bartender problem. Crowd gatherings in front of buildings. When I played TS3 I used I think about 5 of the NRAAS mods so that my game would run so much more smoothly and more stably.

Vampire children learn SUPER fast [supposed to be twice as fast, but it seems faster].

Black, Red or blurry windows. If overheating is the issue, look into ways to cool your system [fans, cooling pads for laptops, etc]. [Download either CPUID to check you temperature or Everest, both are good for monitoring temps.] Uninstall and They either get teleported out of buildings or just have actions fall from their queue. BTW, you may want to look into getting also NRaas MasterController and Overwatch at the very least?

Just a little drink and he could've been fine. The bar in Oasis Springs has a NightClub designation. New social interactions bring happiness and embarrassment to Sims, and celebrities feel the delights and occasional crushing burden of fame trying to lead everyday lives in the public eye. this contact form Hot tub placed on a field with no tiles spawns water that cannot be cleaned.

Last, but not least.. I built my own bar from scratch in Sunset Valley and set the lot type to "Vampire Bar". Out of date mods or mods that interfere with one another can cause a surprising amount of trouble, including game crashes. Only one usable item is usable if you use the up/down feature.

This is a bug that has been around for a while. If you have Twallan's Register, you can just click on the designated bar/rope and you are given the option to remove the sim currently assigned there. Don't go overboard. Share this:TweetShare on TumblrMorePrintEmailLike this:Like Loading...

Strange behavior after birthday in an apartment house. Toddlers can use the elevator to get down, but not up. But missing mixologists is nothing compared to the missing mailmain. For instance, what does “spitting the clothes out” actually mean?

I'm uncertain as to why this is but it's is worth a shot.To change, go to Edit Town and change the type of the lot to community - visitors allowed. Bartender No Longer Working. Phoenix 90 Tauren Paladin 16490 6848 posts Phoenix Ignored Oct 16, 2014 Copy URL View Post In the same spot as Doomwhisper. Register here.

Blocky Hair or holes. Thanks to babele44's post above I've now finally solved the mystery why my mixologists are such slackers (they're at work, but not working) and why they switch roles with the bouncers. Disappearing map tags.