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Sims 2 Werewolf Skin Not Working

I checked them all in the game, and they all appear to be normal now - well, normal at least in that they have a SINGLE UNIFORM SKINTONE...Even the Sim that Looking at the preview pictures in S2PCI, my two-tone-glitched Sims do indeed appear to be correctly using KSK's skins - but for the BOTTOM HALF of their bodies ONLY!So the upper However in the process I discovered several files weren't copying over, which is when I witnessed the failing sectors. I'm kinda ticked off still when I learned all the things the game lets you do that are actually extremely bad. have a peek here

Technical information Edit The effect of werewolves are created cosmetically with 5 separate opaque overlays, unique to each skintone.[1] The skin tone of the Sim determines the overlay used by the The nightly transformation causes an extremely fast 'big crunch' metabolism in the stomach to create Energy, change chemicals in the brain and facilitates the growth of hair all over the body, This is the tutorial:QuoteDownload and install SimPE.Download and install Theo's Alternate SimSurgery plugin. When scratching furniture in a Sim's lot, a werewolf can get scolded by the owner of the lot for acting inappropriately. http://thesims2.livejournal.com/6836722.html

Create an Account Your OpenID URL: Log in RecentArchiveProfileMemories The Sims 2 Previous Entry | Next Entry Werewolf skin not showing? Watch your habits, for they become your character. You will need a default replacement if you want them with other shapes. If a werewolf becomes angry with another Sim, they will transform and fight the Sim until they win.

I'll probably never know what was causing this. It sucks in a way, because I still have no idea what was causing it, but using that tutorial I replaced the skintones with a new one. After all, a wolf's coat is meant to be rather thick, so you don't get to see their skin too much...but I think you could be right about it. The Alpha Wolf reward also boosts the Cursed Bite interaction; if a werewolf Sim attempts a bite on another Sim, it will never fail after purchasing the Alpha Wolf reward.

It wasn't until I did that last night, that I was finally able to see the previously installed templates and the ones I installed from Oepu. This is most likely the result of the same wishful thinking that caused the programmers of The Sims 2 to have Sims gain an abnormally high amount of Lifetime Aspiration Points It is not logical.." - Lt. http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/933148-the-sims-2-pets/43747655 I've used Hood Checker, HCDU, SimPe, S2PCI, and a plethora of tutorials on various sites for how to use that stuff, how to clean your neighborhood, how to prevent further corruption,

Please login or register.Did you miss your activation email? 1 Hour 1 Day 1 Week 1 Month Forever Login with username, password and session length News: Simbology is on 'till Actually though, what would be cool would be if there was a way to make the single Werewolf skin "semi-transparent" (kind of like the Vampire one) so that your Alien (& As in TRULY nude, like choosing Naked from the dresser or with Sim Blender. This worked fine for 6 of the Sims.

I should've known that.EDIT: Okay, is this it? http://www.simbology.com/smf/index.php?topic=7901.0 I'm about to try another method to force my skintones to something else that I found online. Sims can become Werewolves when bitten by the leader of the pack, a large wolf distinguishable by its dark coat, heavy build, and characteristic glowing yellow eyes. If it's any other value, that Sim has a custom skintone.If it's all 0s, try downloading a new set of default replacement skintones and see if that fixes it.

Logged zephyrzodiac Chief Postaholic Administrator Whippy Whippersnapper Posts: 35272 Gender: Superannuated Coffeeholic Re: Experiencing a strange skintone problem and having a hard time finding help « Reply #35 on: February 01, navigate here please read my FAQ before asking stuff. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny. " – Talmud "Life is short. I'll also try a diff set, and a couple of variations (restarting without any defaults, restarting with diff defaults, restarting with KSK's again) to see if any of this will reset

This is the one I am currently using. The normal vs ghost version each has a different file name, but only barely; the numbers are fairly close in series. Logged zephyrzodiac Chief Postaholic Administrator Whippy Whippersnapper Posts: 35272 Gender: Superannuated Coffeeholic Re: Experiencing a strange skintone problem and having a hard time finding help « Reply #41 on: February 01, Check This Out I think I may have deleted families though which is the problem.

arghh . In this case it cannot be changed back until the werewolf reverts to human form. I'm wondering now if it's possible that is was only the skin I used for this particular Sim?

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Also sorry I added a couple of edits to my previous post but I think you responded faster than I got in the edits.EDIT: Okay, I used Theo's Sim Deleter and Hopefully someone will find a way around it ... But right now I'm just glad I've got the damage repaired. You can see where the two skintones meet as they don't match up.

The lighter the skin tone, the lighter the orange that can be seen on the werewolf where hair isn't present. The alien eyes are replaced with a special 'hybrid' of werewolf and alien, a yellow iris and black sclera.[confirmation needed] These specifications cause many problems for the modding community or anyone So anyway, I have default Custom Skins for my Sims (by Enayla *I love them*), and I heard somewhere that Custom Skins can interfere with Sims becoming/being werewolves. this contact form And stuff about shiny stuff!

I could swear I saw no change last time.I honestly do not ever remember an issue with these skintones in the past, and many of my Sims were using those skintones Sims 3 or 4? The next house I played, I had a b-day party where she was an invited guest and since it was still daytime, she showed up as her human self and transitioned I can give it a whirl at least.

Load your neighborhood with SimPE's Neighborhood Browser.Use Alternate SimSurgery to export sim out of your game and into Body Shop. Logged "All the world's a Neighbourhood, and all the men and women merely Sims." ZephyrZodiac with apologies to Willie Waggledagger.http://www.4shared.com/u/yCrnLoEP/Zephyr_Zodiac.html JCSpencer Mushloving Mophead Posts: 133 Gender: Re: Experiencing a strange skintone Logged Print Pages: [1] 2 All Go Up « previous next » Simbology » Sims 2 Support & Chat » General Sims 2 Help and Support » Experiencing a strange skintone u Lilith, 24, portuguese.

It's just this one Sim that is giving me this error and I have no clue why. and then open the deleter. In order to be sure which one this is, I'd suggest you first open the Sim Browser, find the NCD sims and open the file, which should load in SimDescription. I need to go check the changes again when switching fitness states.

If anyone happened to copy the tutorial to their computer for safe keeping, I'd appreciate it if you could upload it somewhere.My problem is as follows.