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Sims 2 Cheat Mode Not Working


So just leave it to NONE. Is Final Fantasy Turning Into a Real Rip-off? I have been searching everywhere I mean EVERWHERE to look for the answer of how to get the cheat box up.. Contributed by: sftblchic002 Saving Pizza Have a sim call for pizza. have a peek here

Login: Password: Login/register with FaceBook! Note that zoning a beach lot into an apartment lot will severely corrupt the ocean and lot terrain and is strongly not recommended. Log In Sign Up Log In to GameFAQs Forgot your username or password? boolProp snapObjectsToGrid true/false You can place objects outside the grid. http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/914811-the-sims-2/answers/293234-why-wont-boolprop-cheat-work

Boolprop Testingcheatsenabled True Sims 2

So if your Sim is poor and needs body points or something, buy a body machine and keep selling it back to refund all your money. Neighborhood Cheats Cheats which must be applied at neighborhood view, or change the neighborhood view. Is it Impossible to Separate the Art From the Artist? Are RPG Fans Open-minded Enough?

so pissed I can't work it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! boolProp enablePostProcessing false Turns Postprocessing off. Death and ghost types Old Age: When a Sim reaches the end of his life. Boolprop Cheat Sims 2 Not Working You now have the following new things in Create A Sim: skin tones, clothing, and some other options such as viewing the skinfilenames.

HELP! I've had the Sims 2 game for a while and I've tryed to use cheats when I really need the money, or want them to stop aging, but they dont work. Flies: In a very messy room, when a Sim steps over a plate all flies may form a deadly killer swarm. https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070509154524AAx4WxV social_debug You can tell what social reaction will happen before you do it Contributed by: Shadow., gg132 Walkthroughs & FAQs Type Name File Size General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by Warfreak 27K The

I hope I was of some help. Sims 2 Cheats Boolprop Testingcheatsenabled True Doesn't Work Maximum skills To fill your skills to the maximum level instantly, enable the "boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true" code. Use Alt + Tab to get back to your game and your sim will start painting your own custom picture. To check for a patch, set to "on" and go to the Custom Content Browser (the little snowflake or * symbol button on the User Control Panel in the neighborhood view).

Boolprop Testingcheatsenabled True Sims 2 Not Working

kaching is for 1,000 and motherlode doess 50,000 for money. over here slowMotion [0-8] Use to slow down the game speed to aid in capturing a picture at just the right moment. 0 is normal speed, 8 is slowest. Boolprop Testingcheatsenabled True Sims 2 boolProp snapObjectsToGrid true/false You can place objects outside the grid. Boolprop Testingcheatsenabled True Sims 4 Report bhjvh- Mar 28, 2009 04:21PM ur a genius Report michelle xx0- Mar 29, 2009 05:37PM this still doesnt work for me. :/ do you know anything else I could try?

If there's an update available you'll be asked whether you want to download it. http://vidivit.com/sims-2/sims-2-build-mode-not-working-fix.html Contributed by: tomagreen Change TV Volume The cheat command floatProp tvVolume X will change the volume of the TV in The Sims 2 University.The default value for X is 0.5. intProp censorGridSize 0 This cheat will remove the censor blur that covers a sim's body when they are naked or using the washroom. You must do it with no actions in the queue, and your sim must be standing right next to the door. Boolprop Testingcheatsenabled True Not Working

social_debug You can tell what social reaction will happen before you do it Contributed by: Shadow., Recosallie Walkthroughs & FAQs Type Name File Size In-Depth FAQs Career FAQ by Misfit119 108K That should make the box bigger. (Trust me, you want it to do this.) Then, type in "motherlode" and press "Enter". THANK YOU!! Check This Out Either one will work. ;)First of all, create a large household - eight, if the loading times won't be too bad.

boolProp ControlPets [on/off] Control your pets and assign them actions the way you do with sims. Boolprop Cheat Sims 3 Report amos- Mar 27, 2009 11:29PM The cheat that you put up to get the sims 2 window up I have a question. This works for all of the face adjusting tabs.

I know it's a really long reply, but I feel it necessary to tell you all this.

The video must be .avi-clips and the clips shouldn't be larger then 128x128 pixel also it shouldn't have more then 15 frames per second. One of the most useful is "Tombstone of Life and Death". Report Dina- Jun 12, 2010 04:55AM Where the F*** is that HP health check? Boolprop Testingcheatsenabled True Sims 2 Mac Subsequently, raising it to 1.0 raises the volume.

Contributed by: CharlenieHead Easy aspiration This works best in a dorm where there are a lot of students.Wait until your sim gets the

You can only upload files of type 3GP, 3GPP, MP4, MOV, AVI, MPG, MPEG, or RM. boolProp dormSpecificToolsDisabled [true/false] Enables build/buy mode tools that would normally be disabled when in a dorm lot. hope it works Posted: aug 22, 2010 4:07 am Best answer Unregistered 0 0 Thanks! this contact form Example of entering a cheat Let's say you want to use the 45 degree angle cheat listed below.

Helpful +5 Report Kinx Jan 24, 2009 07:31PM :DDD IT WORKS!!! Copy your custom picture on to the "snapshot.bmp" file, then save it. With the addition of genetics, the game lets your Sims pass their DNA down through generations. 8.9 Great 8.4 Average Rating35502 Rating(s) Please Sign In to rate The Sims 2 Developed Answer Questions Where can I find a less laggy emulator?

Using "vignette 0.5 0.5 0.5" should put some blurry bits at the edge of the screen. "vignette 0.5 0.5 1.0" will give the maximum edge blurryness. What you do is open the cheat box (ctrl+shift+c). for atleast over a year! The book can then do everything the bookcase could have done for free.

if anyone knows how I can bring cheat window up another way please help me cause its just annoying... Enter "boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true" to activate testing cheats mode. Plan for objects placed at an angle to be purely decorative. thanks again kind stranger :] if you have vista push ctrl+shift+windows button+c love you Posted: jan 19, 2009 2:17 am Best answer Unregistered 0 0 ctrl+shift+c=...

I say this because if you are already playing a family, and you type that, then you have to exit out of that family, and back in the neighborhood, then back Children can die of fire, drowning or disease. forceTwins When a Sim is pregnant, this Sim has to be selected and the cheat entered. Build toddler skill four times as fast Wear a Thinking Cap and feed Smart Milk to your toddler.

This cheat is for advanced users, and improper use of it may cause problems in the game.