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This is why many of our support forum threads are public and available to be searched and viewed. any help? If the name of the folder contains an uppercase letter, it should be typed with the exact same character case when referenced in an article. It changes nothing.

Monday to Friday | Local Time is 08:57 pm (GMT+2) This page was last updated: November 15th, 2016 GavickPro is not affiliated with or endorsed by Open Source Matters or the This error, however, is not specific to sigplus; you should get a similar error when trying to install other extensions. Telekinesis resistant locks Inconsistent size of parentheses in Latin Modern and Computer Modern valueCallback in custom form element is not invoking itself? If there is no script error, make sure the browser is able to access style sheet files and script files it needs to display images correctly.

Topaz Signature Pad Not Working

Photos taken with a digital camera usually have two “types” of orientation. Box plus works fine, but lightbox, stop :( http://decorservice.dobrestrony.co/index.php/projekty This is gallery in lightbox joomla lightbox2 share|improve this question asked Sep 15 at 19:04 Kordian Zadrożny 11 add a comment| active Go to the Joomla article manager and see the actual HTML code generated.

For this approach to work, it is important that sigplus should be the very first plug-in loaded by Joomla: you can adjust the inclusion order in the administration back-end (open Extensions/Plugins). When the HTML code of an article gets fairly large, it causes System - SEF to fail, resulting in the server returning the above error message, or even a totally empty Templates (for PRO Edition Owners) - JSN Air - JSN Ares - JSN Blank - JSN Cube - JSN Corsa - JSN Dome - JSN Decor - JSN Epic - JSN Topaz Signature Pad Drivers Windows 7 If you would like to translate front-end language strings only, you find them near the end of the language file.

My images have metadata (e.g. Topaz Signature Pad Not Working Windows 7 GavickPro website uses cookies. Advanced users' notes The initialization code is responsible for binding the mouse click event to the lightbox pop-up effect. https://www.gavick.com/forums/john-joomla3/sigplus-gallery-not-working-37175 Have you managed to get sigplus working in a normal Joomla article?

Instead of images, a broken link image is shown, or no gallery images are shown at all. No Usb Support Available Topaz Quoting from the PHP manual: When safe_mode is on, PHP checks to see if the owner of the current script matches the owner of the file to be operated on by Consequently, we do not provide support for lightbox engines (except boxplus). SO you need to add the "stories" to the template code to create the correct URL. {ldelim}gallery layout="fixed" rows=1 cols=2 alignment="center" preview_width=300 preview_height=600 lightbox="boxplus/lightsquare" lightbox_autocenter=1 rotator_buttons=1{rdelim}stories/{$_PATH_RELATIVE}{ldelim}/gallery{rdelim} more than a month ago

Topaz Signature Pad Not Working Windows 7

I inserted in my template: {ldelim} gallery {rdelim}
{ldelim} / gallery} {rdelim} The search for the correct folder, but does not display the images from the CHECK the ROOT URL you need for the PLUGIN. Topaz Signature Pad Not Working The Read more... Sigplus Adjust Utility Create a PHP script with the name checkgd1.php and upload it to the web server document root:

The list targets typical problems but unfortunately can never be complete. When triggered, sigplus inspects if a jQuery version of a least 1.4 is loaded and does not load its own version unless necessary. A template is only as good as the content that goes into it - DanG #742185 Linda Tamblyn Newbie Posts: 5 Thanks: 0 Re: sigplus problem... Regards, Patrick more than a month ago F2C & Joomla plugin integrations # 3 Ellen Jensen Accepted Answer


Topaz Signature Pad Not Working In Internet Explorer

For the definition of image gallery folder and base folder, see the terminology for folders in the documentation. I have send you documentation about the actual use of the is plugin using the template parameter: {$F2C_IMAGES_PATH_RELATIVE}. Please check my screen. If you replace the buttons with your own versions, the style sheet file boxplus.slider.css (or slider.css for earlier releases < 1.3) has to be updated.

Examples for proper usage: {gallery}myfolder/myseason/myevent{/gallery} {gallery}my_images{/gallery} {gallery}2010-02{/gallery} {gallery}Myfolder{/gallery} Examples for improper usage: {gallery}myfolder\myseason\myevent{/gallery} (uses backslash instead of slash) {gallery}My Folder{/gallery} (contains a space) {gallery}2010.02{/gallery} (contains a dot) Please note that not Topaz Hid Tablet Driver Remember: sigplus is licensed under GPL and comes with absolutely no warranty. (The likelihood of script conflicts has been further reduced in sigplus version 1.3.0.) Some templates are known to be When you type text, most Joomla editors wrap such text automatically inside a


any help?

So there are an error. In such a case, sigplus will use these newly assigned values. The solution is to postpone the execution of these other scripts, which are usually injected by the template, until the sigplus slider initializes. Topaz Signature Pad Not Working In Chrome Went back to Quasar and now those pages load (with sigplus) incorrectly, but they load.

Should a memory overrun occur, a completely blank screen would be returned, which is not informative as to the nature of the error. In order to translate language strings, you need to edit the file sigplus/engines/boxplus/lang/boxplus.lang.js and add your own language key and translations as appropriate. I looked around and saw this.By default, sigplus performs a memory check when generating images to prevent running out of memory when resizing excessively large images that would not fit into Than you can also see if it is correct or work backwards to make changes to the F2C template.

How can I replace them? Recommended usage When the article is shown in category blog view, use Some introductory text --- Read more --- Main text {gallery}folder{/gallery} Here, the activation tag is not part of the The other is a special metadata field (part of EXIF metadata) that tells how the direction “up” is to be understood for the image, which is of particular interest when you take I get the error message PHP regular expression limit reached.

Forgot your username? Advanced users' note If you would like to have sigplus operate on data that does not come from a database or you would like it to work in a context not As the slider width and height depends on the width and height of images (including margin, border and padding), the slider cannot be initialized sooner than the page loads. Answered by Ben on May 12, 2015 at 04:03 PM Yes, our developers will work on that if Topaz will continue work on their service and create/finish their new API.

The initial arrangement of images could be as follows: 01.jpg  04.jpg  07.jpg | 10.jpg02.jpg  05.jpg  08.jpg | 11.jpg03.jpg  06.jpg  09.jpg | 12.jpg The above may move as follows when you click any help? Image manipulation software can usually be configured in such a way as to leave out proprietary IPTC metadata extensions. Get free ebook to learn how to build a Joomla website with easy steps Manage your Joomla website in a better way with free JSN PowerAdmin.

How to hide the thumbnail navigation bar in the boxplus lightbox pop-up window? Our friendly customer support team is available 24/7.We believe that if one user has a question, there could be more users who may have the same question. Moderator duovision Tue Jun 24, 2014 9:25 am Reply with quote Report this post Hi,Problem solved, not turned on the service of the additive in the module. Our experience is that the following CSS rule leads to the symptom of thin lines in some browsers under some circumstances: img {max-width: 100% !important;} Not all browsers or Joomla templates

The x-offset is a cumulative negative number reflecting the width of each button (and horizontal spacing in between) and the y-offset is zero for normal buttons, while highlighted buttons have the No problems yet, but, in one site, after update joomla and k2, lightbox stop working. consist of English letters, numbers, underscores and hyphens). I was using Quasar and it worked fine, installed Radiance and the pages would not load.

In the mean time I can suggest an alternative such as: Adobe eSign. However, disabling mejs in the administration back-end solves the issue and causes the black box to immediately disappear. If you open the tab Directory permissions in Help/System info, you should see Writable in green text next to the label Cache directory.

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